Day 20: Pops Was Here

My cherished daddy, who my entire family referred to as Pops, was one heck of a man. He was my rock. My world. My everything. He was someone I could turn to no matter what and he made sure that I knew how proud of me he was. So when I bought my home in the summer of 2016, I was walking into my house one day and glanced up to “Pops was Here” written in permanent marker on a 2×4 in my garage. It makes me smile to read that and know that he was here with us helping my kids and me settle into our new home. He worked endless weekends making sure everything was perfect and just right for all four of us. I am forever grateful that Pops was here. Often, I am rushing out of the house and not paying attention to the wall beside me where his note is written forgetting that his words are there, and other times I take my time and glance upon his writing on the wall and take a moment to simply smile and remember the times that “Pops was Here”. 


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