Day 21: Bestie Moving

What do you do when you’re nearly forty and your best friend tells you that she is moving at the beginning of the summer? Not just to another town, but to a state that would take an entire day to just drive to. No more hopping in the car for my 11 minute ride to her house, walking in to her two story blue suburbia home, connecting to her wifi, helping myself in the kitchen, and summer days spent at her pool with the kids splashing endlessly will be no more. It is only at the homes of our best friends who become family that these things happen.  I don’t know what life will be like when she leaves, but I know the days will be a little more lonely. I know summer days will be a little less bright and a little bit longer not having my best friend beside me soaking up the summer sun.  I dread the day she leaves, so for now, I will relish our time together!



5 thoughts on “Day 21: Bestie Moving

  1. The heartbreak is real! I am sure you are happy she sold her house and is living her dream, but on the other hand that leaves you without your best friend and confidante! Enjoy the time you have together and make plans to FaceTime until you can go visit her in her new home!


  2. Aww no. My best friend and I are miles a part but I couldn’t imagine her being any further than that. This just means that you’ll have to make some time for some frequent visits/ vacations and become really creative with staying in touch♥️♥️♥️


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