Day 23: Earth Mamas

I am blessed to have three lovely women, one aunt and two close family friends, who are like earth mamas to me. Since my mom is no longer in her bodily form here on earth, I lovingly call her best friend, my earth mama, I call my dad’s girlfriend Laura Mom and my aunt is Auntie, but all are like mothers to me. They are so near and dear to me. I am not sure how I would survive this roller coaster of life without these women. They lift me up, give advice, or simply just listen, and my mom’s bestie even helps with the kids. While my mom and dad were taken much too young, they left me in the hands of wonderful women who take care of me as if I were their own. 

5 thoughts on “Day 23: Earth Mamas

  1. This is such a lovely tribute to women in general and I love the term “Earth mama”. I was thinking of the usual “step” or “adopted”, both of which imply the sense of distance or loss. But you have captured the deep connection and kept the most important part of the relationships. Thank you for this lovely slice.


  2. Aww, this is great Lisa! I’m so glad you have all these women in your life! Honestly, it gave me some comfort (for you!) this morning.

    P.S. I am finally able read one of your posts! For some reason, your links always took me to a blank word press screen…. I’ve had some silly struggle with this site. Progress;)


  3. Having strong women in our lives gives us the courage to become who we are. Your tribute to these women is evidence of that. Sending good thoughts your way. We will get through this.


  4. We all need “family” in our lives to help us with the rough times and to celebrate our great times. It breaks my heart that both of your parents are gone. You are much too young! But, it makes me so happy knowing you have these women who are absolutely family!


  5. I love that your parents gave you these women in your life to take care of you! And I love that all three of these women accepted the privilege to take their earthly place. Love and hugs to you, Lisa.


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