Day 24: Fly with the Angels

The phone kept ringing yesterday, but I was sleeping and decided to sleep through it. Only to wake up 11 hours later to a Facebook message. A nightmare, right? Maddie can’t possibly have passed away. She is nine. Nine. Nine year olds don’t die. 

I immediately pick up the phone and call my dear friend Angie. Yes, it is only 5:30 in the morning, but I must call. So many emotions running through me. Still hoping what I read isn’t true. She picks up the phone. Barely audible. The tears screaming. The aching in her voice. “My baby is gone.” “She is dead.” What? I think to myself shattered, broken, needing to pick myself up and sort of hold it together for Angie on the other line. 

“What happened?”, I asked. “She went in for a routine MRI to find out more about these headaches she’s been having. They gave her contrast and she laid on the table, then quickly sat up and seemed like she was choking. I asked her if she couldn’t breathe and she shook her head no.” Oh my god. Onto the roller coaster I jump. So many emotions that I am riding through, let alone Angie. And her husband and their other daughter. Suddenly, my emotions don’t matter. I cry right there along with one of my dearest friends, just as if she were beside me leaning on one another’s shoulders. 

….. The next few days are so unknown. How to go about the daily routine. Does life continue on “normally”? Why doesn’t the world pause and grieve with us? Again, so many thoughts. So many questions with no answers. So many unknowns. So many emotions. All I can do is pray right now. Pray for my friend’s broken, shattered life. 

Rest in peace, sweet Maddie. Fly high with the angels.

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