Day 25: Florida is Calling

Last summer, I took my kiddos to Florida on an eight night adventure. We went to Disney and then we headed to Daytona Beach for our last three days. My eldest had been to the ocean when he was fifteen months, but clearly didn’t remember and my two younger children had never been. Since we were flying all the way to Florida, we just had to visit my favorite place in the world; the ocean!

The moment my kiddos stepped into the sand, feeling it in between their toes and jumping into the warm ocean, they were hooked. Like so many little fish we saw swimming along shore, my kids were immersed in the water, too. The love of the ocean and beach is a place that brings me joy and peace. I love the sound of the waves crashing onto shore, the distant storms the rain Gods bring to Florida so often, the laughter of children and the sweet smell of the water that pierces into my soul. It is only fitting that my children love it as much as I do. Florida is calling us again, so this summer we must go. 


florida beach


5 thoughts on “Day 25: Florida is Calling

  1. I love this slice. Living in NJ means living near the beach. As a teacher here I am confident that if I refer to the ocean my students will have first hand experiences to draw upon. Yet there are other experiences they cannot draw upon. They may not have truly experienced the mountains, or the desert. The plains are hard to appreciate unless you’ve seen them. Tundra, mesa, sandstone arches. I could go on and on. So I love that you provide the first hand experience of the ocean to your children. It’s a great photo of all of you too!


  2. YES. My parents live there. I literally almost went to do distance learning from there actually. Lots of Florida (and the world) I can do without, but the ocean. Yeah. Something magic there. I don’t even feel like I’m the type of person who would like the beach. Ha. And it’s not even the beach part, really. The ocean is immeasurably powerful to me. Good post. Thanks for sharing!


  3. My kids love the sea! We were thinking of going back to Greece this summer but I am worried with everything going on. If not Greece, we will need to get to the ocean, so I am thinking Florida, California, or Cape Cod.

    Beautiful picture of you and your loves!


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